Here be Dragons?

On the 14th March 2013 I will be giving an invited talk at the British Cartographic Society about videogames and maps. It is part of an event celebrating 50 years of the BCS, and is a day focused around the topic of ‘How Maps Inspire Us’. I’ve also been fascinated by maps and map making, and videogame worlds are a prime example where these practices are shaped by many means. I will be speaking alongside artists and theorists discussing photography, sculpture, smell mapping and typography. More details of the event can be found on the BCS website.

My brief title and abstract are as follows:

Here be Dragons?: the multiple maps of the videogame world

The map is the foundation of the videogame, both in terms of design and in shaping the player experience. This talk will examine the creation, use and absence of maps in various videogames as a way of understanding how players navigate, explore and get lost in virtual spaces.