A Digital R&D Fund for the Arts project exploring narrative in digital comics creation and the development of an open source toolkit to enable people to create their own digital comics. (Lead researcher)

The project, titled Electricomics, is a collaboration between the arts organisation, Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ Orphans of the Storm, the technology partner Ocasta Labs, and researchers Alison Gazzard (Institute of Education) along with Daniel Goodbrey from the University of Hertfordshire. This has been funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts, “a £7 million fund from Arts Council England, the Arts and Humanities Research Council and Nesta to support collaboration between arts projects, technology providers and researchers to explore the potential of increasing audience engagement or find new business models.”

The project team has set out to examine how comics currently exist in the digital space, and how we can explore their translation/transition from page to screen. We want to focus on storytelling in particular, and try and find new ways to explore comics narratives using the technology now available.