1980s British game histories

Over the last two years I have been exploring ‘alternative’ histories of British computer games, such as exposing the original platforms of development (often lost in more mainstream retellings), and lesser-known titles (in amongst global histories), as well as exploring the links between the UK and other countries.

This has resulted in a few guest blog posts for the Play It Again project, which examines 1980’s microcomputing culture in Australia and New Zealand. The first post looks at the links between the educational software company 4Mation.The second post is an interview with two British game developers who remember playing Melbourne House games during the 1980s (in particular, Penetrator and The Hobbit).


Some other outcomes from this research have been published in the following articles:

Gazzard, A. (2014) The Intertextual Arcade: Tracing Histories of Arcade Clones in 1980s Britain. Reconstruction 14(1). (available online at: http://reconstruction.eserver.org/Issues/141/Gazzard.shtml)

Gazzard, A. (2013) The Player and the Platform: exploring the (hi)stories of Elite. Game Studies 13(2). (available online at: http://gamestudies.org/1302/)

Gazzard, A. (2015) Remembering Repton: an alternative history of co-creativity in 1980s Britain. Kinephanos. Special issue: Cultural History of Video Games.