Microcomputing: Me and the Masses


Tonight I am giving a talk at the Science Museum as part of their Ada Lovelace Lates event. It’s titled “Microcomputing: Me and the Masses” and an outline of the talk can be found below:

The 1980s in Britain saw a wave of microcomputing platforms coming onto the market including the ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro. The BBC Micro in particular was my own first experience of computing, as a platform to both play games and to facilitate learning how to program my own software. This talk will show some of those early program listings that I learnt from, as a way of way of situating past computing practices in amongst current discussions around computing or digital literacies. Alongside this, these examples will be interwoven with commentary found in magazine archives about the role of programming and computer literacy amongst a generation of women in the 1980s.