Papers & Publications


Gazzard, A. (2016) Now the Chips are Down: The BBC Micro. Massachusetts: MIT Press

Gazzard, A. (2013) Mazes in Videogames: Meaning, Metaphor and Design. McFarland & Co.

Book Chapters

Gazzard, A. (2014) “Facebook” in  Lees-Maffei, G. (ed.) Iconic Designs: 50 Stories about 50 Things. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

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C0-edited Special Issues

Conway, S., Gazzard, A. and Stewart, G. (2013) Under the Mask: Special Issue. Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds 5(2).

Journal Articles

Gazzard, A. (2016). Between Pixels and Play: The Role of the Photograph in Videogame Nostalgias. Photography and Culture. Online 2nd August 2016.

Gazzard, A. (2015). Extending the Aerial: Uncovering histories of Teletext and Telesoftware in Britain. View : Journal of European Television History and Culture, 4 (7).

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Gazzard, A. (2010) Changing Places: Warping between Perspectives, Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds, 2(3)

Keynote Presentations/Invited Talks

“Microcomputing: Me and the Masses”. Invited Talk as part of the Science Museum Lates: Ada Lovelace, 28th October 2015.

“Beyond Computer Literacy: The BBC Micro’s role in 1980’s British gaming histories”. Invited Talk at the ITU Center for Computer Games Research. 23rd September 2015.

“Gotta [Feel] the Beat: Space, Time and Rhythms of Play” Keynote Lecture. Philosophy of Computer Games 2013, Bergen, Norwary, 2nd-4th October 2013.

“Here be Dragons?: the multiple maps of the videogame world”, invited seminar presentation for How Maps Inspire Us British Cartographic Society 50th anniversary event, 14th March 2013.

“Bringing the Imaginary back into Play” invited panelist for the Ludic Interfaces panel at ISEA2011, Istanbul, 14th – 21st September 2011.

“Videogame Spaces and Mimetic Interfaces”, invited seminar at the University of Glamogran GamesLab, 11th March 2011.

Book reviews

Gazzard, A (2014) Review of Game After: A Cultural Study of Video Game Afterlife by Raiford Guins. LSE Review of Books.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

Gazzard, A. (2016). Reading Game Code: Computer game production practices in 1980s Britain. 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG. Dundee, 1st-5th August 2016.

Gazzard, A. (2014) Re-program, re-play, rewind: computer game magazine listings in 1980s Britain. Archaeologies of Media and Film. 3rd – 5th September 2014. University of Bradford.

Goodbrey, D. and Gazzard, A. (2014). Electricomics: A Collaborative Digital Comics Case Study. Fifth International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference, 18th-20th July 2014. British Library, London, UK. A write up of this paper can be found on the Electricomics website.

Gazzard, A. (2014). Mapping on the Micro: exploring the histories of the player cartographer, Game History Annual Symposium.  27th-28th June 2014, Montreal, Canada.

Lochrie, M., Gazzard, A., Gardiner, A., and Coulton, P. (2014) Mobilising Monopoly: game design, place and social values, in Proceedings of the Foundations of Digital Games 2014, 3-7 April 2014, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Gazzard, A. (2013) Placing the Platform : The BBC Micro, Elite and British gaming histories, History of Games, Montreal, 21st-23rd June 2013

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